Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Friends of the Little Brown Dawgs

Here we have the friends of the Little Brown Dawgs. They are Ike and Indie; both are Miniature Bull Terriers and belong to my parents.

 This is Ike. He only knows love, and needs constant attention to live. Mimi bosses him around despite the fact that he is about 30 lbs heavier than her.

This is Indie. She is more of a lone wolf, but does enjoy the company of her humans and other dogs. Lupschki is her best buddy, probably because he is the only one with more energy than her. They love to play together, but Ike is her main man (even though her favorite activity is to ignore him).

Here is a photo of the happy couple together. We joke that Indie is his mail-order child bride, because Ike is a few years older than her and she was shipped from Hungary.

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